Warranty & Return Policy

Warranty period
All electronic products purchased through www.roiyatec.lk have a warranty starting from the date of purchase.

Warranty cancellation
Warranty will be voided if:

(a) Product defectiveness occurred after the warranty coverage period agreed;

(b) Product was improperly used, altered, modified in any way without previous authorization, exposed to natural conditions unsuitable for the product features, or exposed to any other condition for which Roiyatec could not be deemed liable. Roiyatec will decide at its sole discretion whether to provide warranty coverage or not with a final decision;

(c) Product defectiveness is caused by a natural disaster (earthquake, fire, natural electrical discharge/lightning, flood, etc.);

Support service procedure
In order to access support service, the customer shall:

(a) Keep the product purchase email invoice or other document attached to the product which will be required by Roiyatec;

Roiyatec may decide, at its sole discretion, to replace the good with a similar or equivalent product.

Returns are easy. However please check to perform all the requested activities described below before sending the product. Otherwise, will the return be treated us unauthorized.

(a) Fill the warranty claim request form you find on this link. In the warranty claim request form the customer shall provide detailed information on the issues encountered. Please try to give a description of the situation with as many technical details; terms such as “It does not work”, “out of order” or any other generic and approximate description are not helpful and only increase the time that this process takes.

(b) Submit the warranty claim request form and wait until we contact you for authorization of your warranty claim request.

(c) Once received the authorization you will receive instructions to prepare the package. Please ship it to the address provided by us.

Shipping procedure
(a) Returned goods shall be packaged with packaging including bubble wraps or cardboard. Roiyatec reserves the right to not accept returned goods which are not packaged as per the above procedure. Roiyatec will not repair these products and will return them to the customer, who will be billed the shipping charges.

(b) Customers is responsible to pay up and down delivery charges.

(c) Roiyatec is not responsible for shipping and transport risks.

(d) Returns must be managed according to Roiyatec directions. Please do not send anything back without confirmation from our side. Proper directions will be sent by support@roiyatec.lk email.

Technical service costs
(a) If the warranty does not cover the product, customer can ask for a repair quote, which will be sent via email once Roiyatec technicians has analyzed the defective product.

(b) Technical service will charge the customer for repair expenses when one or more of the following conditions apply: warranty has expired, the product was not found defective, the product was returned to Roiyatec for modification/ upgrades or testing after warranty coverage period has ended when one or more of the conditions described in article 2 apply.

(c) Unless otherwise agreed, technical service costs include

Repairs under warranty cover

– technical analysis, repair, and replacement of components a free

Repairs out of warranty or repairs needed after warranty expiry date

– repair and replacement of components are chargeable to the customer

– if requested by the customer, Roiyatec will repair the product after customer acceptance of the estimated quote; the following expenses will be charged to the customer: repair time, material costs (components and other), technical analysis costs, shipping costs.

(d) Technical analysis


– returned product is not found defective both under and out of warranty coverage;

– or when the returned product under warranty cannot be repaired and the customer decides not to proceed to repair at its expenses, Roiyatec will charge the customer for:

– returned product technical analysis costs;

Product repair time
(a) Roiyatec will make its best efforts to repair the product within 2 to 7 days.

(b) This schedule is subject to modifications according to the availability of replacement components and to the diagnostics time; therefore, these deadlines cannot be considered as final.

(c) If the product cannot have repaired by Roiyatec, returns will be sent to the manufacturer for repair.

(d) Roiyatec does not accept any responsibility for any delay occurring during the replacement or repair process.

Repair technical report
(a) Roiyatec will provide a free technical report describing the defectiveness causes and the fixing operations carried out on the repaired product.